New Year Begins! Aviv New Moon Sighted in Israel Today!

Shalom Everyone! Starting tonight is the First day of the First Month! Happy New Year!!!!
The New Moon was sighted from Israel today, March 21st, 2015!
The First day of the first month begins at sunset, Saturday, March 21st and goes through Sunday, March 22nd, 2015!

Aviv Moon 2015

 Photo Taken From Israel

Sighted by: Nehemia Gordon, Tim Arndt, Naomi, Yedidyah and Aharon Halevi

Sighted Time: 5:53 pm Jerusalem, Israel time.

Month: First Biblical Hebrew Month also known as Aviv or Nissan

Passover will be Starting April 3rd, 2015 at sundown. This will be the 14th day of the first month.

May you all have a blessed Spring Holy day season!

Brother Mark Harris

Twelfth New Moon Report – Sighted in Israel

Shalom Y’all!

Sorry for the late Report…I have been on the road traveling and was unable to update everyone last night!

The New Moon was sighted in Israel Yesterday, on February 20th, 2015!

Sighted by: Gil Ashendorf and Devorah Levine

Sighted Time: 5:54pm

Hebrew Month: Twelfth Biblical Hebrew Month Also Known as Adar

February 2015 12th Month Moon

Photo Credit to Devorah Levin

Happy New Moon Everyone!!!! :)

Yah’s Blessings be upon you!

Brother Mark Harris

Eleventh New Moon Report – Sighted in Israel!

Shalom everyone!

Good news that our site is back up and running again! After being hacked several times we finally got our sites restored!!! Praise YHWH this report can still go on!!!

The new moon was sighted in Israel tonight on On Wednesday January 21, 2015.

Sighted by: Yoel Halevi, Devorah Levine, Gil Ashendorf and Willie Ondricek

Sighted Time: 5:16pm

Hebrew Month: Eleventh Biblical/Hebrew month also known as (Shavat)

a6c006b1-596c-4cc9-8843-b69fea9f6737Photo credit: Yoel Halevi

May you all be blessed richly!
Brother Mark Harris

Tenth New Moon Report – Sighted In Israel

Shalom Everyone!

The New Moon Was sighted Today in Israel…

New Moon Begins at Sunset Tuesday Dec 23, 2014 On Tuesday December 23, 2014, the new moon was sighted in Israel.

New moon sighted by: Yoel Halevi, Willie Ondricek, Roy Hoffman and Akiva Hoffman, Rebekah Bibb.

This is the Tenth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as Tevet.
Tenth New Moon

Shalom and Blessings

-Brother Mark Harris

Ninth New Moon Report: Not Sighted Because of Cloud Cover…

Shalom Folks,

The New moon could have easily been seen in Israel today, Sunday November 23rd, but because of cloud cover, the new moon was not visible with a naked eye. Therefore the new moon will not be till Monday evening, November 24th 2014.

This will be the Ninth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as (Kislev)

Happy New moon and Blessings be spread to all!

Shalom Aleichem!
~Brother Mark Harris

Eighth New Moon Sighted in Israel! – Sorry about the Late Update!


Shalom y’all!

Sorry about the late update. It was Shabbat, and it completely slipped my mind to update everyone! I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused!

The new moon was sighted from Israel on Saturday, October 25, 2014. So that makes Today Sunday, October 26th, New Moon Day!
Sighted by: *from Kiryat Ata by Yoel Halevi at 6:01pm;
*from Givat Zeev by Willie Ondricek at 6:01pm;
*from Jerusalem by Devorah Levine at 6:02pm and by Gil Ashendorf at 6:08pm;
*from Tel Aviv by Rebekah Bibb at 6:14pm.

 Hebrew Month:  Eighth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as (Kheshvan)

May you all have a blessed and happy rest of your new moon!

Brother Mark Harris

New Moon NOT Sighted TODAY – Yom Teruah Friday Night

Hey Everyone!!!

Yom Teruah will begin at sunset on September 26, 2014
It’s official! Yom Teruah is Friday night! Observers from across Israel reported in that the moon was not visible on Thursday September 25, 2014.

My thanks to all the observers who so diligently looked for the moon and for the folks in Poriyya Illit for so meticulously documenting their attempted sighting with photos! Special thanks to Yoel Halevi, Devorah Gordon, Devorah Levine, Willie Ondricek, Tzvi ben Daniel, David Cachicas, Rebekah Bibb, Kenny Russell, Hayley Russell, and many others who looked for the new moon tonight!

Updating Our Friends in the US
about the Reports From Our Friends In Israel!

Many Blessings,
Brother Mark Harris

New Moon Sighted In Israel – 6th Biblical Hebrew Month (Elul)

Shalom Brothers and Sisters!
On Wednesday August 27, 2014 the new moon was sighted from Israel!  This starts the 6th month which I like to look at as the preparation month. Just like the 6th day of the week is preparation day for the weekly Sabbath, so is the 6th month Preparation month for the Fall Feast days. Let us all prepare physically and Spiritually for YHWH’s Upcoming Feast days, Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpets), Yom Kippur (day of Atonment) and Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles)! We are really excited about these fast approaching Celebrations! If you are in need of a place to keep the week of Sukkot, you are welcome to join us in Texas. Please visit our site for more info:

6th New Moon Report

Photo Credit: Yoel Halevi

Sighted From: Israel in various places.

Date Sighted: Wednesday, August 27 2014

Time First Sighted:  7:10 pm -Jerusalem Time

Sighted by: Devorah Levine, Gil Ashendorf,  Devorah Gordon, Rebekah Bibb, David Goldberg, Willie Ondricek and his kids, Yoel Halevi, Aharon Halevi and Yedidyah Halevi.

Hebrew Month:  Sixth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as (Elul)

There is still much war going on in the land…Remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

May you all be blessed in this time by our Father in Heaven!

Shalom from our home to yours!
Brother Mark Harris

You’re Invited to Our Sukkot Celebration 2014!

Shalom Everyone!

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone on our NEW MOON UPDATES list! If you are looking for a place to keep the feast of tabernacles, then your welcome to join us for a time of fellowship, Inspiring messages, Fun activities and camping in a rural Texas State Park!!!


Please visit for details to register for this upcoming Feast of Tabernacles Celebration!

Many Blessings,
Brother Mark Harris

New Moon Sighted Today! – Fifth Biblical Hebrew Month (Av)

Howdy Folks!

I want to Thank all the people who made an effort to go out and sight the moon even during this time of war! We really appreciate your dedication to give us notice and updates!

On Monday July 28, 2014 the new moon was sighted from Israel! :)

Sighted From: Israel in various places.

Date Sighted: Monday, July 28th, 2014

Time First Sighted:  7:41 pm -Jerusalem Time

Sighted by: Roy Hoffman, and by his daughter Lina.

Hebrew Month:  Fifth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as (Av)

Remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

Brother Mark Harris

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