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The Feast of Passover 2017

We are hosting a Passover Celebration in South Texas this year, if anyone is interested in joining us! Passover 2017 is Expected to begin April 12th. See more details on our website: Blessings, Brother Mark Harris

New Moon of Seventh Biblical Month sighted in Israel. Happy Yom Teruah!

Shalom y’all, The New Moon has been sighted in Israel today! On Sunday, October 2nd 2016, the new moon was sighted in Jerusalem, Israel. The New Moon was sighted by:  Devorah Gordon, Nehemia Gordon, Jabniah Ashley Gonzalez, Cari Tarter, Dakota Tarter, Gil Ashedorf, Levi Tarter, and Harold Tarter. This is known as the seventh Biblical Hebrew Month, Aslo …

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The Feast Of Tabernacles 2015 – Big Sandy, Texas!

We are excited to announce our site for The Feast of Tabernacles 2015! This year we will be hosting Sukkot in Big Sandy, Texas! We are so excited! You can visit our website for more info: Over 50 Years ago this property was built to host and house thousands of people to celebrate The …

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New Moon NOT Sighted TODAY – Yom Teruah Friday Night

Hey Everyone!!! Yom Teruah will begin at sunset on September 26, 2014 It’s official! Yom Teruah is Friday night! Observers from across Israel reported in that the moon was not visible on Thursday September 25, 2014. My thanks to all the observers who so diligently looked for the moon and for the folks in Poriyya …

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You’re Invited to Our Sukkot Celebration 2014!

Shalom Everyone! We would like to extend an invitation to everyone on our NEW MOON UPDATES list! If you are looking for a place to keep the feast of tabernacles, then your welcome to join us for a time of fellowship, Inspiring messages, Fun activities and camping in a rural Texas State Park!!! Please visit …

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REMINDER: Be Waiting for The New Moon Report of The Seventh Month! Yom Teruah Coming Upon US!

Shalom Brethren! Yom Teruah (The Feast OF Trumpets) coming up soon. The earliest the new moon is expected to be sighted is Sunday, October 6th. So mark your calendars and Get time off work so we can celebrate this TIME with YHWH! If it is not sighted on Sunday, then by Default Monday evening, October …

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Feast Date Confusion Explanation

Shalom Brothers and Sisters, Many of you have been asking about why lots of people are not in unity this year when it comes to the dates of the Feast Days. As you probably know the calendar issues are not cut and dry and a lot of people have different interpretations of how it works. …

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Want to Join Us for The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) 2013?

Looking for a place to observe YHWHs feast days in Late October? Well, It didn’t look like we were going to be able to host a site for you this year … but YHWH made it all work out! Would you like to observe The Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot October 2013, with The Harris Family, and a …

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