Expected Feast Dates

NOTE: These dates may be a day different depending on the sightings of the moon! These are just expected times for planning purposes.
* All holy-days start the evening before at sunset.

Projected Feast Dates For The Year 2020

NEW YEAR – New Moon of First Month: Thursday, March 26th
Passover/Pesach: Wednesday, April 8th (at Twilight)
Days of Unleavened Bread/Chag HaMatzot: Thursday, April 9th – Wednesday, April 15th.

Pentecost/Shavuot: Sunday, May 31
Trumpets/Yom Teruah: Saturday, September 19th
Atonment/Yom Kippurim: Monday, September 28th
Tabernacles/Sukkot: Saturday, October 3rd – Friday, October 9th
8th Day of the Feast: Saturday, October 10th.

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