New Moon Report – First Month – Aviv/Nissan

Hello Y’all!
Happy New Year!!!! 🙂

We have not received any direct reports that the New Moon was able to be sighted in Israel on Saturday, April 6th. We did get one report that someone anonymous was able to see it somewhere in Israel, but in order to declare the official New Moon we need two witnesses. Therefore, since we do not have any solid sightings from Israel, the New moon will not begin today.

Since we cannot have a month with more than 30 days, then the New Moon will begin by default at sunset on Sunday, April 7th 2019.

Passover (the 14th day of the first month) will then fall on Sunday, April 21st at evening. The first day of Unleavened Bread will be Monday, April 22nd and the Last day of Unleavened bread Sunday, April 28th.

I have updated the dates of the Feast Days and you can see them here:

I will be updating more of this website soon, so thank you for your patience!

Have a great First Month, New Year, and a very blessed and happy Spring Feast season!

Brother Mark Harris

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