New Moon Sighted In Israel – 6th Biblical Hebrew Month (Elul)

Shalom Brothers and Sisters!
On Wednesday August 27, 2014 the new moon was sighted from Israel!  This starts the 6th month which I like to look at as the preparation month. Just like the 6th day of the week is preparation day for the weekly Sabbath, so is the 6th month Preparation month for the Fall Feast days. Let us all prepare physically and Spiritually for YHWH’s Upcoming Feast days, Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpets), Yom Kippur (day of Atonment) and Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles)! We are really excited about these fast approaching Celebrations! If you are in need of a place to keep the week of Sukkot, you are welcome to join us in Texas. Please visit our site for more info:

6th New Moon Report

Photo Credit: Yoel Halevi

Sighted From: Israel in various places.

Date Sighted: Wednesday, August 27 2014

Time First Sighted:  7:10 pm -Jerusalem Time

Sighted by: Devorah Levine, Gil Ashendorf,  Devorah Gordon, Rebekah Bibb, David Goldberg, Willie Ondricek and his kids, Yoel Halevi, Aharon Halevi and Yedidyah Halevi.

Hebrew Month:  Sixth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as (Elul)

There is still much war going on in the land…Remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

May you all be blessed in this time by our Father in Heaven!

Shalom from our home to yours!
Brother Mark Harris

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