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Tenth New Moon Sighted In Israel

Shalom Alecheim! Greetings in the Name of YHWH. ūüôā The New Moon was sighted In Israel today! This evening as the sunset comes to you, look toward the western¬†sky and see if you can sight the sliver of the moon. Remember to Thank the Heavenly Father for His goodness, and blow the Shofar with gratitude …

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Ninth New Moon Sighted in Israel today!

The new moon was sighted on Friday, Nov 13, 2015. New Moon day will be starting at sundown this evening, and will go through Saturday, (Shabbat) at sunset. New Moon Sighted by: Rebecca Biderman and Devorah Gordon This is known as the Ninth Biblical Hebrew Month, Also known as Kislev Chodesh Tov! Brother Mark Harris

New Moon Sighted in Israel – Eighth Biblical Hebrew Month

Shalom Everyone! The New Moon was sighted in Israel¬†over Jerusalem on October 14, 2015. Sighted On: Wednesday, October 14th 2015. Sighted by:¬† Nehemia Gordon,¬† Devorah Gordon,¬†Gil Ashendorf. Time Sighted:¬†6:26pm Jerusalem Time Month: Eighth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as Kheshvan Photo by Devorah Gordon from Mount of Olives. Shalom and Blessings in the next month! …

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New Moon sighted in Israel – Sixth New Moon Report (Elul)

Shalom y’all! The New Moon was sighted today in Israel!!! Photo credit: Yoel Halevi Sighted on:¬†Sunday August 16, 2015 Sighted by:¬†¬†Devorah Gordon,¬†Yoel Halevi followed by his kids,¬†Willie Ondricek,¬†Gil Ashendorf,¬†¬†and Becca Biderman Time Sighted:¬†7:31 pm; Month: Sixth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as Elul Look toward the skies this evening and try to spot the moon …

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Fifth New Moon Report – Sighted in Israel! Fifth Hebrew Month – (Av)

Shalom y’all! On Friday July 17, 2015 the new moon was sighted from Jerusalem, Israel. The New Moon will begin Friday evening July, 17th ¬†through Saturday evening the 18th. Have a blessed Shabbat and Joyful New Moon as we remember the promises and goodness of our loving Father! ——————————————————————————- Date Sighted:¬†Friday, July, 17th 2015 Sighted …

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New Moon Sighted today!

Shalom Y’all! The new moon was sighted from Israel on Thursday June 18, 2015. Sighted by:¬†David Cachicas,¬†Yoel Halevi,¬†Gil Ashendorf, Bruce Brill Month: Fourth Biblical Hebrew month, also known as Tammuz Chodesh Tov. (Good month)   Photo Credit:¬†Gil Ashendorf

Third New Moon Report – Sighted In Israel Today – Third Month (Sivan)

Shalom Aleichem! The New Moon was sighted today In Israel! On Tuesday, May 19th 2015, observers across Israel, sighted the New Moon of the Third Biblical Hebrew Month! The new moon will be celebrated starting this evening through Wednesday, May 20th at evening! Happy New Moon! ūüôā Date Sighted: Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 Sighted by:¬†¬†David …

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New Moon NOT sighted today in Israel

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I have some reports from Israel…. Observers have reported that the new moon was not sighted on¬†Sunday April 19, 2015 from Israel. It was uncertain that the moon would have been sighted even under ideal conditions. ¬†As it looks now, the new moon will be tomorrow night, Monday April 20, 2015. …

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New Year Begins! Aviv New Moon Sighted in Israel Today!

Shalom Everyone! Starting tonight is the First day of the First Month! Happy New Year!!!! The New Moon was sighted from Israel today, March 21st, 2015! The First day of the first month begins at sunset, Saturday, March 21st and goes through Sunday, March 22nd, 2015! ¬†Photo Taken From Israel Sighted by: Nehemia Gordon, Tim …

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Twelfth New Moon Report – Sighted in Israel

Shalom Y’all! Sorry for the late Report…I have been on the road traveling and was unable to update everyone last night! The New Moon was sighted in Israel Yesterday, on February 20th, 2015! Sighted by:¬†Gil Ashendorf and¬†Devorah Levine Sighted Time:¬†5:54pm Hebrew Month:¬†Twelfth Biblical Hebrew Month Also Known as Adar Photo Credit to Devorah Levin Happy …

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