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  1. Annette Herrera

    Where can we find the part2 or 2nd video

  2. Monica Martella

    Thank you very much for your good work.

  3. James


    Thank you for keeping me informrd concerning the new moon.

  4. gus

    Hashem said, don’t give the months names, or they will end up with pagan or other god’s names. So it it happened inBabylon; look at tammuz for example. Let us obey, and just call them the 1st month, 2nd month etc.

    1. Rhonda

      Hashem, Himself, gave the months names, in Torah. Follow those.

  5. Lisa Hernandez

    Thank you for this video! It was very helpful!

  6. Shawn

    Mark, I absolutely love this video! One quick question though. Where can I find the others? Is there more? Thanks!

    1. Sheila

      Shawn, If you look at the video, you will notice on the right, it says Youtube. You can click there, and it will take you to his channel on Youtube. If you click his name under the video, you can see all of his videos. Hope this helps.

      1. Shawn

        Sheila, thank you very much! I will try it out!

  7. Monica

    Hi. I have very little internet access. What I’m hoping to discover is why there seems to be an entire month of disagreement between the sources I’m trying to track. I’d be grateful for your input. The audio in the video was garbled at the computer I’m on, but I read the text and didn’t see anything about why your determination is that we’re in the 6th month, vs. the other sources who say we’re in the 7th. Thank you very much for your time and your good work. Looking forward to the upcoming videos.

    1. Mark Harris

      Hi Monica!

      Well to tell you simply there are three main schools of thought on this.

      #1 is Hillel II calculated calendar which was made by astronomical calculations ahead of time. These are they that believe this is the seventh month and they do not go by the sighted moon, so their Holy dadys are celebrated before the new moon even appears sometimes. But becasue it is calculated ahead of time, they do not know that and therefore try to have unity in that case….But it is not biblical at all. Genesis 1:14 states that the sun moon and stars were given to tell the times, the seasons, the days and the years. You cannot calculate years in advance when the day the new moon will be sighted.

      #2 is the barley sighters. These are they that believe that the barley being ripe determines the start of the year and so they go by the first new moon after the barley is ripe. They have it right that they should sight the moon but sometimes the barley can appear to be ripe before the spring hits. These believe that this is the seventh month also.

      #3 is those that determine the start of the year by the Sun, Moon and Stars. Simply you wait till the equinox, which occurs on during the march 20-22 timeframe. Then you sight the first new moon after the equinox occurs and this determines the first day of the first month of the year.

      This has more details to it of course and if you have any questions you want verified, I will be happy to answer them.

      I hope this helps clarify things for you!

      Blessings and Shalom!

  8. jemimah

    Thoroughly appreciate this vid. I only recently discovered the need to declare the new moon after the spring equinox as the first month of the new year. pretty obvious in retrospect. It pays to keep studying and researching. Otherwise I’d be keeping Trumpets this summer like many others will be next week.

  9. Patsy E Duncan

    I am so great full , keep up the good work

  10. Angie Barbour

    Hi, I very much enjoyed this video. Needed it in simplistic terms. Very well done. My question to you is this…Israel does not go by this and their calender seems different…almost lining up with the gregorian calendar times…example…many of the messianics and Jewish have celebrated Passover already (this month of March), not following that this is the 13th month and next month is really the first….how are we to stay in sync with Jerusalem? I was very confused with everyone doing Passover a different night even in the month of March. Thank you so very much for your help. I believe it is important to celebrate the days when He said to celebrate them but it seems so many are celebrating at different times and that is so confusing to me. Shalom

    1. Mark Harris

      Thank you, Angie, for your question! I will be releasing part #2 of The Calendar Series in the next few days. This should answer your questions.

  11. Craig Henry


    Please tell me where in the bible God speaks of adding a thirteenth month to the year (Adar2) in light of spring not meeting up with
    13th new moon?

    Shalom & God bless!

  12. Sis Tiffany

    Extremely helpful. Thanks!

  13. amy


    Will you please explain why the Shabbat is not calculated by the new moon also. We are counting days and weeks here! why wouldn’t we count after the new moon day 6 working days then rest on the 7th. Wasn’t the new moon a day of celebration for the new month? Isn’t the Shabbat also one of YHVH’s appointed times that we should make sure we are observing on the right day?Just as Christians changed their day, can we assume Judah has kept it correct since creation and what if we were on that desert island how would we count the Shabbat? Sincerely confused!

    1. Mark Harris

      Hi Amy,

      I understand your confusion.

      I will be glad to clear this up for all of you! I plan on explaining all this in
      detail in one of my next videos on “The Creator’s Calendar”.

      Please hold on tight,
      Brother Mark

    2. james

      6 days you shall work then rest 1 then work 6 then rest 1… its continuas, this never changes. other holy days are additions. be glad that sometimes you get more than 1 day of rest a week 🙂

    3. William

      You are right, Amy. Leviticus 23:1 clearly states that …”Yahuah’s appointed times were to be proclaimed as official days for set-apart gatherings …” and Yahuah then proceeds to tell Mosheh that the first one is the 7th day Sabbath… an official day for a set-apart gathering! — followed by the OTHER appointed times of Yahuah — set-apart gatherings to be proclaimed at THEIR appointed times.

      Hope this helps.

  14. Stephen Hallquist

    Mark, this video does what it says it will do and that is to make understanding the New Moon very simple and straightforward. Thanks for this work.

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