Updated Projected New Moon Sighting Dates and Feast Dates According to The Creators Calendar in 2018!

Howdy y’all!

I have updated the NEXT YEAR AT A GLANCE page so y’all can see the estimated dates for the New Moon sightings in Israel for 2018! Obviously the exact dates will depend on when the moon is actually sighted, but this still gives the expected dates.

I have also updated the Estimated FEAST DATES page for 2018 for your planning purposes. My goal was to have reference pages for y’all to use as you need them!

Once again, the exact dates will depend on the exact dates the new moon is sighted from Israel. So, please stay tuned for those announcements!

I would also encourage you to count the days out yourself! It’s such a blessing to be able to follow the signs the Almighty put in the sky for us! 🙂


Have a Fantastic Day working for YHWH’s Glory!

~ Brother Mark Harris

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