1st Biblical Hebrew Month – New Moon Sighted In Israel! Aviv or Nisan

Shalom Everyone!

We have GREAT News.  The 1st Biblical New Moon has been sighted in Israel. Therefore it the first day of the first month is starting tonight, at sunset. March 23 through march 24. Start counting to Passover and marking your calendars for the holy days!

Sighted From: Jerusalem, Israel

Date Sighted: Friday, March 23, 2012

Time Sighted: 6:14 pm

Sighted By: *from Jerusalem at 6:14pm by Nehemia Gordon and shortly thereafter by Keith Johnson and Jocelyn Carabello;
*from Aviel at 6:16pm by Chad and Barbara Peterson and Ephraim Frank;
*from Poriya at 6:20pm by Willie Ondricek and about ten others;
*from Givat Hamoreh by Dina Marcus at 6:22pm and shortly thereafter by Avi

Hebrew Month: Aviv or Nisan – First Hebrew Month

Day: #1

Have A Very Joyous New Year!

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