September 2012 archive

New Moon Has Been Sighted! Yom Teruah Begins – Seventh Biblical Hebrew Month (Tishri)

Shalom Everyone! I am happy to announce that The new moon has been sighted in Israel! On Monday, September 17, 2012 by observers all over Israel… Yom Teruah will begin at sundown tonight and go through till Sundown on Tuesday the 18th. Have a happy and joyous Feast! Here is the report from our brothers …

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Feast Days…Coming Up!

Shalom Everyone, The new moon for Tishri is expected to be sighted Monday evening the 17th of September. If the new moon is not sighted that evening, then all the feast days will be pushed forward a day, making the new day of the month starting the evening of Tuesday the 18th. Be prepared for …

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