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New Moon Sighted In Israel – Thirteenth Biblical Hebrew Month (Adar 2)

Alright Folks, The new moon has been sighted in Israel! On Wednesday March 13, 2013 by observers in Israel…New moon day will be from Wednesday, March 13th at evening through Thursday, March 14th at evening. Sighted From: Israel Date Sighted:  Wednesday March 13, 2013 Time Sighted: 5:41pm Sighted by: Devorah Burnett, Devorah Daniel, Jono Vandor, Jeremy Childs, …

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Why does this New Moon start Adar 2 instead of Aviv – The New Year?

Tonight, Wednesday night, March 13th 2013, starts the first day of Adar II. this is the 13th month in the Hebrew calendar. Because of much confusion out there on this subject, many people ask how do we know it’s the 13th month, Adar II, and Not the first month, Abib (Aviv)? So, I’m going to …

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New Moon Not Sighted Today

Shalom Folks, The new moon was not sighted tonight (Tuesday March 12) from Israel. There was a heavy haze across the country, although visibility was unlikely even under ideal weather conditions. Tomorrow night (Wednesday March 13) will be the the new moon by default. Be checking back tomorrow for the details and updates for this …

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