April 2016 archive

New Moon Of Aviv Sighted!

On Saturday April 9, 2016 the new moon was sighted from Israel. Sighted by: Nehemia Gordon, Devorah Gordon, Yoel Halevi, Rebecca Biderman, Bruce Brill and Seth Kaufman. Time Sighted: 6:46 pm Jerusalem, Israel Time Month: This is the First Biblical Hebrew Month, also known as Aviv or (Nissan) From Nehemia: After a flurry of post-Shabbat phone calls, we have not …

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New Moon NOT sighted today….

Howdy Folks! The New Moon was NOT seen in Israel today, Friday, April 8th 2016 due to a lot of haze in the sky. Sighting conditions should have been clear, but because of the haze, reports from observers have been sent from several places saying no one has been able to sight it yet. Rosh Quodesh/ …

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