March 2024 archive

The 13th Month – Adar II

Some people have asked about the “13th Month” and how you know when it happens? First, let’s review the Simple, Quick and Easy wayto explain The Hebrew Calendar. Now, while thousands of pages have been written, and tens of thousands of hours have debated the  biblical calendar, it may be simply summarized as follows: Gen …

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Adar II – New Moon Report

Happy New Moon Everyone! The New Moon was sited in Israel this evening, on Monday, March 11th 2024, Location: Israel Time Sighted:  Witnessed at 5:55pm Witnesses:  Jerusalem (Rechavia) at 5:55pm by Devorah Gordon, followed by Chaya and Gil Ashendorf * Jerusalem at 6:20pm by Yedidyah de Sousa       * Haifa (Kiryat Chaim) at 6:02pm by Ephraim …

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