Category: 8 – The Eighth Hebrew Month

Eighth New Moon Not Sighted

The observers from Israel have reported that they were unable to sight the moon on October 16, 2012. This was one of those extreme borderline sightings, which might not have visible under perfect weather conditions….  Pending further reports, new moon will be tomorrow night (October 17) by default (a lunar month can only be 29 …

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Kheshvan 1 – Eighth Biblical Hebrew Month – New Moon Sighted In Israel

Sighted From: Jrusalem, Israel Date Sighted: October 28th Time Sighted: 5:02pm Sighted By:   Nehemia Gordon, Devorah Gordon, David Cachicas, Daniela Cachicas, Rick Busenbark, Devorah Boer, Jacob Boer, Bruce Brill, Yoel Halevi. Hebrew Month: Kheshvan – The Eighth Month Day: #1 Rosh Chodesh Samech! – Happy New Moon!    

We Are Glad To Announce The New Moon Updates Blog!

This is going to be a blog with Moon Updates and New Moon Sightings From Israel! We will be updating this blog on the latest New Moon, once a month as soon as it is possible for us after it is sighted in Jerusalem! Please check back for the latest sightings, and expected times to …

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