Category: 11 – The Eleventh Hebrew Month

Shevat 1 – Eleventh Biblical Hebrew Month

Happy New Moon Day Everyone! Since the new moon was not sighted on the 29th day of the 10th month, this means that the 10th month was by default a 30 day month! Therefore, the first day of the 11th month starts at sunset Wednesday,  January the 25th through Thursday the 26th. Hebrew Month: Shevat …

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New Moon Not Sighted Today

Shalom Everyone! The New moon was not sighted today on Tuesday, January the 24th 2012.  Because it would have been able to be sighted, but was covered by clouds, tomorrow evening Wednesday the 25th through Thursday the 26th will be the new moon day . Here is an update from Israel…  “Observers have looked for …

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We Are Glad To Announce The New Moon Updates Blog!

This is going to be a blog with Moon Updates and New Moon Sightings From Israel! We will be updating this blog on the latest New Moon, once a month as soon as it is possible for us after it is sighted in Jerusalem! Please check back for the latest sightings, and expected times to …

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