Fifth New Moon Report – Sighted in Israel! Fifth Hebrew Month – (Av)

Shalom y’all!

On Friday July 17, 2015 the new moon was sighted from Jerusalem, Israel.

The New Moon will begin Friday evening July, 17th  through Saturday evening the 18th.

Have a blessed Shabbat and Joyful New Moon as we remember the promises and goodness of our loving Father!


Date Sighted: Friday, July, 17th 2015

Sighted by:  Sonja Vangronsvelt, Stephan Vangronsvelt, and Devorah Gordon, Gil Ashendorf, Michiel Vangronsvelt,
Ruben Vangronsvelt, and Sarah Vangronsvelt and Willie Ondricek

Sighted From: Jerusalem, Israel and other various places in Israel.

Time First Sighted: 7:57 Jerusalem, Israel Time

Hebrew Month: This is the Fifth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as Av

new moon July 17 2015


Photo Credit: Devorah Gordon

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