Fourth New Moon Report: NOT sighted today in Israel

Shalom y’all,

Unless we receive new reports from our friends in the Land, the NEW MOON was NOT sighted today in Israel.  New Moon will be starting on Thursday evening, June 18th 2015 through Friday at sunset. This will be known as the fourth biblical Hebrew month, also known as Tammuz.

Be sure to look for the new moon in your back yard tomorrow evening and celebrate the goodness of YHWH and the signs he has given us!

Have a Happy New Moon!

Brother Mark Harris


    • bonnie stever on June 17, 2015 at 11:17 pm
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    Dear Mark

    Thank you for telling me, I have my shofar out to blow for Thurs eve, hopefully I’ll be able to see it too!W
    What is your mailing address?



    1. You can send anything here:
      65 Pine Ave #231, Long Beach, CA 90802

      Thank you!
      Shalom 🙂

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