Monthly New Moon Report: October 2018 – Sighted in Israel today!

Shalom Y’all!

The New Moon has been sighted in Israel today on Wednesday,  October 10th, 2018.

This evening starts the first day of the month, beginning Wednesday evening, October 10th and ending Thursday evening October 11th.

Photo Credit to: Yoel

Date Sighted: Wednesday,  October 10th, 2018

Time Sighted: 6:45 pm Jerusalem, Israel time.

Place Sighted: Israel

Sighted by: Devorah Gordon, Nehemia Gordon, and Gil Ashendorf,  Ross Nichols and Mikhael Chen, and Maureen and Dennis Chkolnik.

Month:  This is the 7th, biblical Hebrew Month, also known as Tishri or Ethanim.

Note: Some of you may be keeping this New Moon as the 8th month based on the barley observation this year, and some may be keeping this as the 7th month based on the first New Moon sighted after the Spring began.

Fall Feast dates for 2018:

Trumpets/Yom Teruah: Thursday, October 11th 
Atonment/Yom Kippurim: Saturday, October 20th 
Tabernacles/Sukkot: Thursday, October 25th – Wednesday, October 31st 
Last Great Day of the Feast: Thursday, November 1st

*All Feast Days begin the evening before.

May you all continue to be blessed as you walk in Obedience to the Creator, and search out the Truth in these matters!

Have a Good Month and blessed holy days!
~ Brother Mark Harris


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