Tevet 1 – Tenth Biblical Hebrew Month

Shalom All,

Because The new moon was not sighted on Sunday, the 25th of December, New moon day will be starting Monday evening through Tuesday, December 27th  2011.

Here is the report from Israel…

“On Sunday December 25, 2011 observers from Israel looked for the new moon but it was not sighted. It was raining throughout the country. Visibility would have been uncertain even under ideal conditions so unless another report comes in of a sighting, new moon will be Monday night December 26. My thanks to Yoel Halevi,
Devorah Gordon, and David Cachicas for braving the Jerusalem rain to carry out the observation this month in the Holy City.”

~Nehamia Gordon

Hebrew Month: Tevet – Known as the 10th Hebrew Month


Date: Monday evening December 26th through TuesdayDecember 27th

Day: #1

Rosh Chodesh Samech! – Happy New Moon!

~Brother Mark Harris

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