New Moon Sighted In Israel – Fifth Biblical Hebrew Month (Av)

Shalom Everyone!

I have reports Form Israel!  Thanks to Nehemia Gordon, for sending New Moon updates form our Brethren there! The new moon was sighted in Israel on Thursday August  8, 2013.  New Moon day is from sunset on Thursday, August 8 to Sunset on Friday August 9.

Sighted From: Israel, Kiryat Ata, Jerusalem and Down by the side of Yaffa Gate.

Date Sighted:  Thursday August 8, 2013

Time First Sighted: 7:45pm

Sighted by: Yoel Halevi,  David Cachicas, Arie Levi and other witnesses!

Hebrew Month: Av or  –  Fifth Hebrew Month

~ Brother Mark Harris


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    • Rakhel on September 6, 2013 at 10:51 pm
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    Todah rabbah for the quick response! My husband was wanting this very information. May the body of Mashiach come together in the keeping of the Moedim very soon!

    • Rakhel on September 5, 2013 at 5:45 am
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    Can you give the exact reference in the Talmud? I would appreciate it. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Shalom Rakhel,

      In the fourth century, Hillel II established a fixed calendar based on mathematical and astronomical calculations. This calendar, still in use, standardized the length of months and the addition of months over the course of a 19 year cycle, so that the lunar calendar realigns with the solar years.

      The Babylonian Talmud
      Rosh HaShanah there are 35 sections that discuss all elements of Rosh HaShanah

      The Talmud Bavli, in tractate Rosh HaShanah page 20A & 20B discusses how they calculated calendar postponements and each of the 35 sections discusses different topics.

      There is Reference to sighting the New Moon in the Mishnah:
      IN Mishanh Rosh HaShannah Section talks about all the procedures of sighting the moons to determine each month.

      Let me know if you have farther questions. Blessings!

    • Juanita on August 31, 2013 at 9:20 pm
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    On the calendar I receive from Jewish sources, It shows the begining of Elul starting on the evening of Tuesday the 6th of August. How do I know which is right?Does Erev Yom Teruah begin on the evening of the 4th of Sept, or the 6th? Why is there a difference?
    I really want to celebraet on the right date,
    Thank You

    1. Hello Juanita,
      As you probably know the calendar issues are not cut and dry and a lot of people have different interpretations of how it works. I will attempt to give you a quick overview of the details of the calendar. If you have not already done so, please view this video on the calendar first, before reading the rest of this answer.

      The Jewish sages, during the time from 200AD to 600AD, changed from using the sightings of the New Moon to using the calculated calendar for the purposes of convenience and worldwide ease of being able to determine the new moon anywhere in the world. This newer teaching of the calendar was stated in the Talmud. Some people stick to the Scriptures and determine a new moon only by sighting it. Most of the Jewish people follow the calculated new moon calendar today.
      The biblical way of sighting the “new moon” is by looking for it around sunset at the appointed time 29 days after the last new moon. If you see the sliver of the new moon, it is the new moon, the first day of the next month. If you do not see the new moon, the next day is the 30th day of that month and the new moon or first day of the next month is automatically declared for the evening of the 30th. (There is only 29 or 30 days in each Hebrew month, depending on the sighting of the new moon)
      The calendar date of the new moon you are referring to, September 4th, 2013 is the calculated New Moon date, as laid out in the Talmud, the New Moon for this month is first expected to be sighted on the evening of September 6th, making the 7th the first possible day of the next month; If it is not sighted on the evening of the 6th, then the evening of the 7th and day of the 8th will be the declared first day of the next month. (which is most likely to occur this month)
      The next very important question is; now which month is it? Simply put, the people who go by the calculated New Moon date believe that the September new moon is the beginning of the 7th month (Tishri). Others believe it is the beginning of the 6th month (Elul). Why the difference? It has to do with when the year is started. Some people believe the New Year is declared by calculation, some declare the new year when the New Moon is sighted when the barley is ripe. This year, they started the year in March (2013), before spring, when the New Moon was still in the winter. With this March starting date, this September New Moon became for them, the beginning of the 7th month (Tishri) which will be still in the summer.
      The other way of determining when the new year starts is by using the sun, as described in Genesis 1:14. It clearly states that Years are to be determined using the Sun and Moon. There is an event called the equinox which is where the sun moves directly east to west. It is the determining factor of when it changes from being winter to being spring. In order for the New Year to start, the new moon must be after the spring equinox, hence in the spring. In 2013, the first New Moon after the spring equinox occurred in April. With an April new moon being the first month of the Biblical New Year, the 7th month would then be at the new moon occurring in October in the fall.
      Since we believe that according to the Scriptures, the sun, moon and stars are to determine the “days and the years”. it is my understanding that for 2013, the first expected New Moon date for the 6th month (Elul) as stated above is the evening of September 6th. If it is not sighted, the evening of September 7th will be declared the New Moon. The first expected sighting of the New Moon for the 7th month (Tishri) will be the evening of October 6th making October 7th the first day of the month which is also Yom Teruah (The Feast of Trumpets). If it is not sighted, then the evening of the 7th and the 8th of October will be the declared new moon and Yom Teruah (The Feast of Trumpets).
      I hope I have helped to answer your questions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.
      Brother Mark Harris

    • stephan on August 8, 2013 at 10:03 pm
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    what month is it?? fifth or sixth??

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