New Moon Sighted in Israel – Sixth Biblical Hebrew Month (Elul)

Shalom Everyone!

I have reports Form Israel! I understand some of you may be thinking that this moon is the beginning of the seventh instead of the sixth month, but according to my understanding of how to determine the year, this new moon sighting makes this month the sixth month – Elul. The new moon was sighted in Israel tonight Saturday, September 7th, 2013. New moon day is from sunset Saturday September 7th through Sunday, September 8th.

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Sighted From: Israel

Date Sighted:  Saturday September 7, 2013

Time First Sighted: 6:59pm

Sighted by: Yoel Halevi, Nitai Shaag and other witnesses!

Hebrew Month: Elul or  –  Fifth Hebrew Month

Photo taken by Nitai Shaag from Alon, Isreal!

This means that this is the preparation month for the Fall feast of YHWH. Just like we have a weekly preparation day on the sixth day for Shabbat, we like to set this sixth month – Elul as the preparation month…it is preparation for when we meet with our maker YHWH and our Messiah for his Holy festivals.

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May you all be blessed through this season, no  matter where or when you keep it!

Chag Rosh Chodesh!
~Brother Mark Harris


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