Want to Join Us for The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) 2013?

Looking for a place to observe YHWHs feast days in Late October?

Well, It didn’t look like we were going to be able to host a site for you this year … but YHWH made it all work out!

Would you like to observe The Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot October 2013, with The Harris Family, and a some of our close friends & brethren? We will be Observing Sukkot in rural Texas, in the midst beautiful Big Bend National Park!

If you Love YHWH with your whole heart, soul and strength and are looking to be encouraged and enlightened in YHWH’s word, then fill out the registration form at this link http://thefeastoftabernacles.com/register and we will be sure to get back to you with details as soon as possible. For dates and more information visit our site http://thefeastoftabernacles.com

Among the many scheduled activities there will be awesome praise and worship, inspiring messages, exciting hikes, wonderful family games, sweet fellowship, encouraging  enlightenment along with beautiful enjoyment in YAH’s Creation!

We are planing for everyone to arrive on Sunday, October 20th through Wednesday, October 30th.

So if you’d like to gather together with us, to Rejoice before YHWH our Maker, please register sooner as opposed to later as the feast days are rapidly approaching and we are trying to get a feel for how many people will be attending.

You’ll find the registration form at this link:

We Look forward to speaking with you, and meeting you!

Wherever you may go to keep these times,
May you all be blessed in this Season!

Brother Mark Harris

New Moon Sighted In Israel – Fifth Biblical Hebrew Month (Av)

Shalom Everyone!

I have reports Form Israel!  Thanks to Nehemia Gordon, for sending New Moon updates form our Brethren there! The new moon was sighted in Israel on Thursday August  8, 2013.  New Moon day is from sunset on Thursday, August 8 to Sunset on Friday August 9.

Sighted From: Israel, Kiryat Ata, Jerusalem and Down by the side of Yaffa Gate.

Date Sighted:  Thursday August 8, 2013

Time First Sighted: 7:45pm

Sighted by: Yoel Halevi,  David Cachicas, Arie Levi and other witnesses!

Hebrew Month: Av or  –  Fifth Hebrew Month

~ Brother Mark Harris

It’s New Moon Day Starting Tonight! – Forth Biblical/Hebrew Month (Tammuz)

It’s new moon day starting tonight by default since it was not sighted in Israel, last night, July 9th.

New Moon Date: Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 at sunset through Thursday, July 11th, 2013 at sunset

Hebrew Month:  Tammuz or  –  Forth Hebrew Month

Blessings to you all,

Mark Harris

New Moon Not Sighted…

The New moon was not sighted in Israel, on July 9th, 2013.

By default, the new moon will be starting at sunset on July 10, 2013 through July 11, 2013.

Blessings…. 🙂

New Moon Sighted in Israel – Third Biblical Hebrew Month (Sivan)

Shalom Everyone!

The new moon was sighted in Israel on Monday June  10, 2013.  New Moon day is from sunset on Monday, June 10 to Sunset on Tuesday June 11.

Sighted From: Israel

Date Sighted:  Monday June 10, 2013

Time First Sighted: 7:35

Sighted by: Yoel Halevi,  David Cachicas and his daughter, Willie Ondricek and Willie Ondricek.

Hebrew Month: Sivan or  –  Third Hebrew Month

~ Brother Mark Harris

New Moon Sighted in Israel – Second Biblical Hebrew Month (Iyyar)

Shalom Everyone!

The new moon was sighted on Saturday May 11, 2013. New Moon day is from sunset on Saturday, May 11 to Sunset on Sunday May 12.

Sighted From: Israel

Date Sighted:  Saturday May 11, 2013

Time Sighted: 7:29 pm

Sighted by: Yoel Halevi,  David Cachicas, Willie Ondricek, Devorah Levine, Victor Marquis, Armando Varela and Briana Varela,

Hebrew Month:  Iyyar or  –  Second Hebrew Month

Day: #1

~ Brother Mark Harris

Passover Dates


We have had several people ask me for the dates of the upcoming Feast Days.  Some of you may not need this explanation and can find the dates at the bottom of this post. Others, I have found, are just beginning and would like a more detailed explanation of these dates as they relate to the biblical dates. The following is a very simplistic explanation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask for more clarification.

Since the New Moon was sighted the night of  April 11th (days begin at sunset on the Hebrew calendar),  that  makes April 12th the first day of the new month (Abib in Hebrew) on the Roman calendar. Counting 14 days to Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) would put the evening of Wednesday, April 24th as the beginning of the 14th of Abib and  Thursday, the 25th as the day part of the 14th.   The Messiah (the true Lamb of The Almighty)  had His meal with His disciples the evening part of the 14th (that time this year is Wednesday, April 24th after sunset). He was then betrayed that night, and the next day crucified at the same time the lambs would have been slaughtered during the day part of the 14th (that would be Thursday, April 25th before sunset).  The 14th of Abib is the preparation day for the Passover.

The actual first pass-over of Exodus 12, has the children of Israel sacrificing the lambs late on the 14th day of Abib, putting the blood on their front door jams, and eating it that night, the beginning of the 15th (that time this year is Thursday, April 25th after sunset).  At midnight, the death angel passed over the Israelites homes.  The 15th day of the month is also the first day of unleavened bread which is a special feast day (See Leviticus 23)  which starts Thursday night at sunset, April 25th and ends at sunset Friday, April 26th.   The Feast of Unleavened Bread or (Chag HaMatzot in Hebrew) continues for an entire 7 days and on the the 7th day, we are commanded to hold a another feast to YHWH which would then be Wednesday, May 1st, at sunset to Thursday, May 2nd at sunset.

In summary, for simplicity, the dates according to the Roman Calendar of this years Festivals of YHWH (Lev 23) are as follows.  Keep in mind the days on the Hebrew calendar (which is how we want to keep them), are from sunset to sunset.

Messiah’s Last Passover Meal :  Wednesday  night, April 24, 2013, after sunset (the 14th day, night portion)

Passover (Pesach) Preparation Day:  Thursday, April 25th, 2013  (the 14th day, day portion)

Passover (Night To Be Observed):  Thursday night, April 25th, 2013, after sunset (the 15th day, night portion)

First Day of Unleavened Bread:  Friday, April 26th, 2013, starts at sunset night before, (the 15th day, whole day)

Seventh Day of Unleavened Bread, Thursday, May 2nd, 2013,  starts at sunset night before, (the 21st day. whole day)

May you have a joyous Pesach Season Celebration!
Brother Mark Harris


New Moon Sighted In Israel – First Biblical Hebrew Month (Aviv or Nisan)

Shalom Everyone!

The New Year is Here! The first  new moon has been sighted in Israel! On Thursday April 11, 2013 by observers in Israel…New moon day will be from Thursday, April 11th at evening through Friday, April 12th at evening.

Sighted From: Israel

Date Sighted:  Thursday April 11th, 2013

Time Sighted: 7:17pm

Sighted by: Willie Ondricek, Nehemia Gordon, Yoel Halevi.

Hebrew Month:  Aviv or Nisan – First Hebrew Month

Day: #1

SPECIAL NOTE:  Over the next few days,  we will be releasing our next video in our series of the Creators calendar.  This  video will explain the details of the “leap years” in the Creators calendar, what they are, why this year the 1st month is a month later than usual, and how to biblically and accurately determine when to start the year!

Rosh Chodesh Sameach!
~ Brother Mark Harris

New Moon Sighted In Israel – Thirteenth Biblical Hebrew Month (Adar 2)

Alright Folks,

The new moon has been sighted in Israel! On Wednesday March 13, 2013 by observers in Israel…New moon day will be from Wednesday, March 13th at evening through Thursday, March 14th at evening.

Sighted From: Israel

Date Sighted:  Wednesday March 13, 2013

Time Sighted: 5:41pm

Sighted by: Devorah Burnett, Devorah Daniel, Jono Vandor, Jeremy Childs, and Nehemia Gordon

Hebrew Month:  Adar 2 – Thirteenth Hebrew Month

Day: #1

Next Month will be the new year, so be looking for these very important updates, so we can determine the feast days of YHWH! Have a Happy New Moon Day!

Rosh Chodesh Sameach!
~ Brother Mark Harris

Why does this New Moon start Adar 2 instead of Aviv – The New Year?

Tonight, Wednesday night, March 13th 2013, starts the first day
of Adar II. this is the 13th month in the Hebrew calendar.

Because of much confusion out there on this subject, many people ask
how do we know it’s the 13th month, Adar II, and Not the first month, Abib

So, I’m going to give a quick answer so you can know for sure.

Well, the answer is actually quite simple.  In Genesis 1:14 The Almighty

“Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide
the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for
seasons, and for days, and years:”

This means that The Creator designed the Heavens like a precision clock,
and that specifically, the Sun and the Moon was to give us our
seasons, days, and NOTICE, years!

Therefore, the ONLY biblical accurate determination of years,
MUST come from either the moon, the sun, or both!  Nothing else.

Now, since the new moon comes every “Moonth” or Month, and nothing
different happens with the moon to tell us when the year begins,
the Sun assists us by knowing which New Moon begins the New Year.

The Creator has determined that His Year will begin in the Spring.
Abib (Aviv) basically means Spring, or Green-Ear-month.  And in Exodus 12:2
and 13:4  states that this month is the beginning of Months for you;
and the month of Abib (Aviv), was that month.

But when is it?   It’s obviously not determined by the Moon,
and the only biblical standard of determining a year, must be
the Moon and Sun as stated above.

And, from from the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, when they
were coming out of Egypt, even up to this day, we determine
spring by the vernal, or spring equinox.   This is the day
when the Sun goes “exactly” from East to the West.  Usually,
this occurs from March 20th to the 22th.  This year it’s on the 20th.

So, a New Year cannot start until spring.  It’s not spring yet,
so, it’s still winter.  And since we’ve had 12 months since the last
Abib (Aviv), and we now have a New Moon, this New Moon is the 13th Month,
or Adar II.

The First New Moon AFTER the Spring Equinox, begins the New Year, so
the next New Moon, begins the new year, and the New Moon, Abib (Aviv)

I hope this quick answer helps you to understand this much misunderstood

~Brother Mark Harris