Elul 1 – The Sixth Biblical Hebrew Month – New Moon Sighted In Israel

Sighted From: Mount Of Olives, Israel

Date Sighted: Wednesday, August 31st

Time Sighted: 7:15 pm

Sighted By: Nehemia Gordon, Michael Rood, Constance Elizabeth, Gloria Jones, and Judith Rood

Hebrew Month: Elul – The Sixth Month

Day: #1

We Are Glad To Announce The New Moon Updates Blog!

This is going to be a blog with Moon Updates and New Moon Sightings From Israel! We will be updating this blog on the latest New Moon, once a month as soon as it is possible for us after it is sighted in Jerusalem!

Please check back for the latest sightings, and expected times to sight, so that we can properly keep YHWH’s appointed feasts and times!

Please also Check out the other Links we have like The Creators Calendar and What Are The Expected Times To Sight The Moon?.

Shalom To all In YHWH!

Mark Harris

The Hebraic Roots Movement