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Fifth New Moon Report

Well hello there! The New Moon was sighted this evening in Israel, Monday, August 9th, 2021. New Moon day will be Monday evening, August 9th, 2021 through Tuesday evening, August 10th, 2021. Sighted By:  Devorah Gordon, Gil Ashendorf, John and Chris Guenther, Ephraim Amnon and other observers in Israel. Date Sighted:, Monday, August 9th 2021. …

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Fifth Month – New Moon Report

As of last night, Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 we did not receive any confirmed New Moon sightings with the naked eye, however we were informed this morning of some that did sight it after optical aid was used to find it, but was sighted after sunset. Therefore, based on the reports from Israel, the New Moon will mathematically begin this evening at sunset since today …

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New Moon Report!! Sighted Today in Israel!

Shalom Everyone! The New Moon was sighted in Israel on Sunday, August 12th, 2018. New Moon day will begin at sunset on Sunday, August 12th and end on Monday evening, August 13th. Photo credit to: Brian Hoeck Hebrew Month: This is the Fifth Biblical Hebrew Month also known as (Av) Date Sighted: Sunday, August 12th 2018 Time …

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Fifth Month – New Moon Report!

Reports that came in say that yesterday, many people went out to try to spot the moon, but could not due to weather conditions. We did hear that one person was able to see with Optical aid, but we cannot count one witness, and it must be sighted with the naked eye in order to …

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Fifth New Moon Sighted!

Shalom Y’all! The New Moon was sighted on Thursday August 4th, 2016. The New Moon was sighted by: David Cachicas, Devorah Gordon, Nehemia Gordon, Derek Townsend and Charlotte Townsend, Becca Biderman, Dorothy Pantuso, and Michael Pantuso. Happy New Moon!  

Fifth New Moon Report – Sighted in Israel! Fifth Hebrew Month – (Av)

Shalom y’all! On Friday July 17, 2015 the new moon was sighted from Jerusalem, Israel. The New Moon will begin Friday evening July, 17th  through Saturday evening the 18th. Have a blessed Shabbat and Joyful New Moon as we remember the promises and goodness of our loving Father! ——————————————————————————- Date Sighted: Friday, July, 17th 2015 Sighted …

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New Moon Sighted Today! – Fifth Biblical Hebrew Month (Av)

Howdy Folks! I want to Thank all the people who made an effort to go out and sight the moon even during this time of war! We really appreciate your dedication to give us notice and updates! On Monday July 28, 2014 the new moon was sighted from Israel! 🙂 Sighted From: Israel in various places. …

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New Moon Sighted In Israel – Fifth Biblical Hebrew Month (Av)

Shalom Everyone! I have reports Form Israel!  Thanks to Nehemia Gordon, for sending New Moon updates form our Brethren there! The new moon was sighted in Israel on Thursday August  8, 2013.  New Moon day is from sunset on Thursday, August 8 to Sunset on Friday August 9. Sighted From: Israel, Kiryat Ata, Jerusalem and Down by the side …

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5th Biblical Hebrew Month – New Moon Sighted In Israel! (Av)

Shalom Everyone! The New Moon has been sighted in Israel on Saturday July 21, 2012!    New moon day will be from Saturday evening July the 21 to Sunday evening the 22. Sighted From:  Jerusalem, Israel Date Sighted:  Saturday, July 21, 2012 Time Sighted:  7:37pm Sighted by:  *from Kefar Eldad by Yoel Halevi at 7:37pm; *from …

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New Moon Report: Not Yet Sighted

Shalom Everyone! The New Moon Has not been sighted yet In Israel… Here is a report from Nehemia Gordon and His Friends in Israel… “I’ve just been on the phone for the last hour with observers in Israel and so far no one saw the new moon on Friday July 20, 2012. It was a …

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