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New Moon Sighted In Israel – 6th Biblical Hebrew Month (Elul)

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! On Wednesday August 27, 2014 the new moon was sighted from Israel!  This starts the 6th month which I like to look at as the preparation month. Just like the 6th day of the week is preparation day for the weekly Sabbath, so is the 6th month Preparation month for the Fall Feast days. …

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New Moon Sighted In Israel – Seventh Biblical Hebrew Month (Tishri)

Shalom Everyone! On Sunday evening, October 6, 2013 the new moon was sighted in the Land of Israel!!  Happy Yom Teruah/Feast of Trumpets!  The Feast of Trumpets will begin From Sunset on Sunday, October 6 to Sunset on Monday, October 7th. Sighted From: Israel Date Sighted: Sunday, October 6, 2013 Time First Sighted: 6:23 pm -Jerusalem Time …

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Feast Date Confusion Explanation

Shalom Brothers and Sisters, Many of you have been asking about why lots of people are not in unity this year when it comes to the dates of the Feast Days. As you probably know the calendar issues are not cut and dry and a lot of people have different interpretations of how it works. …

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