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Sixth New Moon sighted today!

Shalom folks, Well, the New Moon has been sighted in Israel today, and this day starts the sixth Hebrew month! You know what that means? Preparation month! I hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for the upcoming Fall Moedim/Set Apart days! The Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and The Feast of …

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Fifth New Moon Sighted!

Shalom Y’all! The New Moon was sighted on Thursday August 4th, 2016. The New Moon was sighted by: David Cachicas, Devorah Gordon, Nehemia Gordon, Derek Townsend and Charlotte Townsend, Becca Biderman, Dorothy Pantuso, and Michael Pantuso. Happy New Moon!  

Fourth New Moon Report!

Hi Everyone, So we got one report that the New Moon WAS sighted in Israel today, however we only have 1 Witness, and normally we like two or more. The evidence is still clear that he did indeed sight the moon, and as a skilled observer in Israel, we will trust him! See Picture Below. …

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Third Month Report: New Moon Sighted Today In Israel!

Shalom y’all! The New Moon was sighted today in Israel, on Monday, June 6th 2016! Phot credit to Devorah Gordon Sighted By: Devorah Gordon, Gil Ashendorf, Kristin Mueller, Yoel Halevi, Maureen Chkolnik, Asi Eliyahu, Lukas Schneider and Kavitha Schneider Sighted Time: 7:39pm, Jerusalem, Israel Time. Month: This is the Third Biblical Hebrew Month, also known as Sivan. Well friends, We are coming to the end …

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New Moon Sighted today In Israel – Second Biblical Hebrew Month

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I just got reports in from Israel!!! The New Moon was sighted on Saturday, May 7th 2016 in Israel! New Moon day will begin starting Saturday, May 7th at sunset and will end on Sunday, May 8th at Sunset! Photo Credit to: Devorah Gordon Date Sighted: Saturday, May 7th 2016 Time …

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New Moon Of Aviv Sighted!

On Saturday April 9, 2016 the new moon was sighted from Israel. Sighted by: Nehemia Gordon, Devorah Gordon, Yoel Halevi, Rebecca Biderman, Bruce Brill and Seth Kaufman. Time Sighted: 6:46 pm Jerusalem, Israel Time Month: This is the First Biblical Hebrew Month, also known as Aviv or (Nissan) From Nehemia: After a flurry of post-Shabbat phone calls, we have not …

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New Moon Sighted In Israel today! – LEAP YEAR…13th month added since it’s still before Spring. (Adar2)

Hey Y’all The New moon was sighted today in Israel! Since it has not yet reached Spring (Spring Equinox), but we have seen another New Moon, we now have to add a thirteenth month. New Moon was sighted upon the mountains in Israel on Thursday, March 10th 2016 by: Keith Johnson, Nehemia Gordon, Yoel Halevi, Devorah Gordon, David Cachicas, …

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Twelfth New Moon Sighted In Israel

  Hey Y’all! On Tuesday February 9, 2016 the new moon was sighted from Israel. The new moon was sighted: This Next Month will be known as the 12th Biblical Hebrew Month Also known as ADAR! Have a great New Moon, and a productive New Month! ~ Brother Mark Harris

Eleventh New Moon Sighted in Israel Today!

On Monday January 11, 2016, the new moon was sighted from Israel. Sighted by: David Cachicas, Gabriel Cachicas, Devorah Gordon, Gil Ashendorf, Becca Biderman, Ava Williams and Judith Rood, Yoel Halevi Time Sighted: 4:59 Biblical/Hebrew Month: This is the 11th month also known as Shavat. Rosh Chodesh Sameach!!  

Tenth New Moon Sighted In Israel

Shalom Alecheim! Greetings in the Name of YHWH. 🙂 The New Moon was sighted In Israel today! This evening as the sunset comes to you, look toward the western sky and see if you can sight the sliver of the moon. Remember to Thank the Heavenly Father for His goodness, and blow the Shofar with gratitude …

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