The 13th Month – Adar II

Some people have asked about the “13th Month” and how you know when it happens?

First, let’s review the Simple, Quick and Easy way
to explain The Hebrew Calendar.

Now, while thousands of pages have been written,

and tens of thousands of hours have debated the 

biblical calendar, it may be simply summarized as follows:

Gen 1:14 tells us that the seasons, times, days and years
are determined by the Sun and the Moon.

In other words…


Moon Sun

Sun Moon Sun


The Day

The Month

The Year

The DAY is determined by the SUN

A DAY starts at the time of when a sunset is sighted, 
or at the time of when it normally should be sighted.

The Sun’s Setting is the sign that a new day may start.

The MONTH is determined by MOON and the SUN

A MONTH starts at the time of when the new crescent moon is sighted, or when it should be sighted). Then, shortly afterward when sunset occurs, it starts the first day of the month. (This is The Moon and Sun working together)  The sighting of the sign that a new month may begin, and the sun’s setting tells that the new day may begin, thus together giving us…  The 1st Day of a New Month.

The YEAR is determined by the SUN, the MOON and the SUN again

The YEAR uses the sign of the Equinox to tell us when a Year may begin.  The Equinox (called the “Tekufah” in scripture)  is “sighted” by the straight line shadow that is drawn by the Sun, when you put any pole or stick in the ground.  This straight line (Equinox) only happens twice a year, at the beginning of Spring and also in the Fall.  However, in Exodus 12, Yah tells us that the Month of Abib (Spring) shall be the beginning of months for you.  So, the first month is the first new moon sighted after the “Spring Equinox, which is the sign that the first month of the year may begin.  Therefore, when that sunset occurs as a sign of that new moon day, it marks the first day. of the first month, which is the first day of the year!

Now, back to the question about the 13th month…  you really don’t need to worry about when the 13th month occurs… it just happens!  , Because when you follow the Biblical approach above to the Hebrew calendar, it will just naturally occur.

So, the simple answer is:   When you follow the signs of the Sun and Moon, as discussed above, most of the time, you’ll have 12 months before the next Spring Equinox.  And occasionally, you’ll have 13 months before the next Equinox; when that happens, that month is the 13th month, which traditionally has been called ADAR II (or ADAR 2).

Obviously, there is a lot more that can be explained, but hopefully this helps.   If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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    • ODUNGIDE FRIDAY MATTHEW on March 14, 2024 at 7:17 am
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    Shalom! Brother Mark, Greetings to you and your family,
    Thanks so much for the update concerning the 13th Moon,
    Please My Question is What year are we in Now, is it 5783 or 5784
    Please kindly help me to know which of the year we are in, presently.
    Best Regards

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