Third Month Report: New Moon Sighted Today In Israel!

Shalom y’all!

The New Moon was sighted today in Israel, on Monday, June 6th 2016!

Third New Moon Report

Phot credit to Devorah Gordon

Sighted By: Devorah Gordon, Gil Ashendorf, Kristin Mueller, Yoel Halevi, Maureen Chkolnik, Asi Eliyahu, Lukas Schneider and Kavitha Schneider

Sighted Time: 7:39pm, Jerusalem, Israel Time.

Month: This is the Third Biblical Hebrew Month, also known as Sivan.

Well friends, We are coming to the end of our Count 50! We are on the last week of seven weeks complete! Only 6 more days till the feast of Pentecost/Feast of Weeks or Shavuot! The Holy day will be on Sunday,  June 12th.

Have a Happy New Moon Day y’all!

Brother Mark Harris


    • bonnie stever on June 7, 2016 at 2:47 am
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    Thank You for letting us know. I really appreciate it.
    Bless You

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