Thirteenth New Moon Report

Howdy Y’all! The New Moon was sighted this evening in Israel, Sunday, 14 March 2021.

New Moon day will be Sunday evening, March 14th, 2021 through Monday evening, March 15th, 2021.

Sighted By: Yael, Noa, and Ruth Guenther and other observers in Israel.

Date Sighted:, Sunday, March 14th, 2021.

Time Sighted: 6:20pm Israel time.

Biblical Hebrew Month: This will be the Thirteenth Biblical Hebrew Month, also know as Adar II.

Next Month will be the new year, so be looking for these very important updates, so we can determine the feast days of YHWH! Have a Happy New Moon Day! 🙂

Chodesh Tov! Have a great Month!
~Brother Mark Harris

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