Why does this New Moon start Adar 2 instead of Aviv – The New Year?

Tonight, Wednesday night, March 13th 2013, starts the first day
of Adar II. this is the 13th month in the Hebrew calendar.

Because of much confusion out there on this subject, many people ask
how do we know it’s the 13th month, Adar II, and Not the first month, Abib

So, I’m going to give a quick answer so you can know for sure.

Well, the answer is actually quite simple.  In Genesis 1:14 The Almighty

“Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide
the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for
seasons, and for days, and years:”

This means that The Creator designed the Heavens like a precision clock,
and that specifically, the Sun and the Moon was to give us our
seasons, days, and NOTICE, years!

Therefore, the ONLY biblical accurate determination of years,
MUST come from either the moon, the sun, or both!  Nothing else.

Now, since the new moon comes every “Moonth” or Month, and nothing
different happens with the moon to tell us when the year begins,
the Sun assists us by knowing which New Moon begins the New Year.

The Creator has determined that His Year will begin in the Spring.
Abib (Aviv) basically means Spring, or Green-Ear-month.  And in Exodus 12:2
and 13:4  states that this month is the beginning of Months for you;
and the month of Abib (Aviv), was that month.

But when is it?   It’s obviously not determined by the Moon,
and the only biblical standard of determining a year, must be
the Moon and Sun as stated above.

And, from from the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, when they
were coming out of Egypt, even up to this day, we determine
spring by the vernal, or spring equinox.   This is the day
when the Sun goes “exactly” from East to the West.  Usually,
this occurs from March 20th to the 22th.  This year it’s on the 20th.

So, a New Year cannot start until spring.  It’s not spring yet,
so, it’s still winter.  And since we’ve had 12 months since the last
Abib (Aviv), and we now have a New Moon, this New Moon is the 13th Month,
or Adar II.

The First New Moon AFTER the Spring Equinox, begins the New Year, so
the next New Moon, begins the new year, and the New Moon, Abib (Aviv)

I hope this quick answer helps you to understand this much misunderstood

~Brother Mark Harris


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    • Alan Sims on September 6, 2013 at 7:02 am
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    Shalom Mark,

    Could you please and thank you, send me the new moon sightings.


    1. I put you on my email list, and you should have been sent confirmation email. In there you will have to confirm that you want to receive the updates. As soon as you confirm, you will begin getting the New Moon Report and sightings from Israel. Blessings!

    • jemimah on August 31, 2013 at 2:59 pm
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    My concern with the barley factor was its lack of observance during the wilderness experience. But now I see more clearly that that the Spica was observed and not literal barley….. I can’t explain it as clearly and succinctly as I would like but your vids are very helpful. Shalom.

      • Jenifer Canter on January 30, 2020 at 3:52 am
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      Jemimah I wish I could talk to you! I understand that the star spica is what was observed too! You are the first I’ve seen say this too and I was hoping I could talk with you about what you’ve observed.

  1. Thank you for your reply.
    I look forward to the videos, I have watched the first one.
    My husband, the planter, very plainly seen that one can plant barely at any time for it to be harvested…which is required, “wave the sheaf before Yahweh, to be accepted for you: on the morrow after the sabbath the priest shall wave it.” (Lev. 23:11) I guess I am just having a hard time with the whole spring equinox thing…although teaching the Exploring Creation with Astronomy course to my children has helped. 😀

  2. It is my understanding that spring is not determined by the sun, as you suggest. Just because it was determined that way by the Egyptians does not make it correct. Thus The Almighty’s command to OBSERVE. The average folk cannot see if the sun is exactly east to west but we can tell if the barely is aviv (literally “ear of grain”) AND there is a new moon.
    What say you?

    1. Shalom Tribalmama….Well, The Egyptian way of course is not always the correct way, and that is not what makes it right. The fact is you have to look at what is not correct to find what is correct sometimes…Do you not think that the way Israel was doing it then would have to be the same way we are to do it now? So what is that way? There simply is no place that says that you shall tell the new year or the first month by the ripening of the barely, but actually on the contrary. The Sun, Moon And Stars are given to show the times, not plants. The barely being ripe cannot be a verified source of solidification of the new year, because anyone who grows barley knows that you can plant barley and plan it to be ripe at anytime. Among many other things… I will be getting more videos up here as soon as I can…So there can be more answers of evidence and proof to all these questions in detail. Blessings….

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